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Online Questionnaire

Please use the form below to let us know how we can help you.

Tell us a little bit about your hair needs.

What kind of hair maintenance are you looking for? (Select one.)
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What length is your hair? (Select one.)
What best describes the density of your hair? (Select one.)

What is your availability? Select your preferred day(s) and time(s) below.

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**After submitting this form, please email at least six photos to:

(Please include: your full name along with 3 photos of your current hair and 3 photos of inspiration / what you want your hair to look like.)

Terms & Conditions:


A deposit is required to reserve an appointment time.


All color corrections must book consult prior to appointment date and a consent & release form is required prior to appointment.

Please submit at least 3 different types of inspirational photos to discuss with your stylist. They will create a plan that best fits your needs & budget.


If you have previously done any chemical service in your hair please notify your stylist. ex.( color, relaxer, perm, bleach etc.)

Consults can be booked for any services offered by stylist.

Thanks for submitting!

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